15 Cars That Can Blow Your Mind


To some people, cars are more than the objects to drive. If you ask car-lovers, their cars are more like a pet animal staying just beside your house. But, have you ever witnessed a car which can fly, swim, stand or scare? No? Let us show you some of the most unusual, weird and out of the box cars of the World. Notice: It can blow off your mind or just give you a surprise attack.

1. Double car:

Say hello to this dream car of the World upside down. Is it a toy?

2. Bread Race-car:

When I was a child, I used to imagine food cars all over my food-table. So finally a dream came true; Formula One model race-car made out of bread. Go foodies! Drive and eat.

3. Shoe car:

I bet you would be beating your head on the wall right now.  Presenting you one of the most weird cars of the World; a laced-up brown leather shoe with wheels. (shoe as car or car as shoe? )

shoe car

4. Post-It Jaguar:

What else can be a better place to write than a car? A car full of sticky notes is all I wanted; won’t need my sticky notes pad now. Write anywhere, read anywhere!

5.  Photo camera car:

The first thing that came to my mind was: a car well-suited for the media groups. No need of those hefty dishes and dozens of cameras now. Get this camera car and get it covered!

6. Ship car:

This is what you end up when you cannot afford both; a car and ship.  Buy one, get one free. Double treat indeed!car boat

7. Bat-winged car:

I wonder what batman would be thinking about this bat-mobile. Embarrassed? Well, batman is no more a fantasy to me now. Drive or fly!

kassou concept car

8. Ferrari car motorcycle:

Never knew that my problem would be solved that easily. Heavy bike and a car, all at once and in one package. So, again, what do you want? Car, motor-bike or both? 

Image result for car with motorcycle attached

9. Banana car:

Imagine a banana with two wheels running on the road. Funny? Not anymore. This car is actually shaped like a banana. You will believe once you see it. Mommy I want to drive a banana!

Awesome Banana Car

10. Toy car:

This car next on the list is every kid’s dream. A car loaded with a dozens of stuff toys moving on the road is nothing but a piece of art.

Weird Car Covered in Stuffed Animals

11. Spider car:

It might seem to you like a shot from movie but it isn’t. This spider car is real weirdo in the family of unusual cars. Run until you can!

Weird Cars VW Beetle

12. Swimming car:

Time to leave Earth right now! This car on the list can drive and dive but in the sea. It is the Rinspeed Squba;Lotus Elise Submarine. Future is here!

World's First Underwater Car

13. Plane car:

It was considered an odd thought if a plane could run on the road. This car cannot fly but seems like a walking plane to me. Want a plane car?

Real Life Flying Car

14. Jack car:

Is this a car in a car-repair shop or is it just a lucid dream? Half car up and half down. Mechanic must have forgotten to repair the car completely.


Weird Cars and Trucks

15. Pyramid car:

Art of Egyptian pyramids is not restricted to Egypt now. This car is a moving Egyptian pyramid running on the road. Imagine a pyramid running on the road with you inside. Strange enough!

Image result for pyramid dream car

Which one of the above weirdos are you going to buy? Share with us in the comments below.