A Beginner’s Guide to Trekking- Tips and Tricks


Do you have a dream to travel to different places of the world? Do you want to be a globetrotter or dare to be on your own feet? For professional trekkers or the ones who have been a trekker since few months, it is an exciting experience to have. But, for the beginners or amateurs, trekking is exciting as well as a dangerous and troublesome activity. So instead of imagining about the magical feast awaiting you, pick up all the itineraries for trekking and embark on a new expedition. Before you start on your mission, there are some important things for beginners to know.

Find out the different types of treks:

Just like there is an easy, moderate and difficult task in every job, there are easy, moderate and difficult types of trekking as well. If you are a beginner, what I would suggest is to go for the easy trekking first.  If you are quite confident about your talents, you can try out for moderate ones. It is always advisable to take time and progress to the next level.

Complete trekking rather slowly: 

This is a total recreational activity which remains incomplete until you get the real fun out of it. It is not a race to win a trophy if you reach the final line first. So enjoy and complete the track. Take some time. No harm. Else, it will kill the spirit of fun and sports in you!

Going for shopping before trekking :

You should have all that is needed before you go on trekking. Do a small research initially to know about all the things you need to carry with you in the case of any contingency during the expedition. You never know when there will be an onset of monsoon. I would recommend you to carry two pairs of shoes, an attractive and useful backpack and of course, a raincoat (to save you from a heavy downpour). You can find trekking kit easily in any sports shop as Thrillophilia.

Mosquito repellents and medicines:

We never know how the place we are going to explore will treat us. So take mosquito repellents and creams to keep the mosquitoes away. Don’t forget to take your medicine/first-aid kit. Your body might react to the height negatively and can cause a severe headache. So be prepared before it is too late.

Book your seats beforehand: 

Since you are going to a new land with the least travel experience of the area. So remember to book your seats beforehand. Otherwise, you will be left all alone in the unknown place. Immediately book your seats and keep the tickets at a safe place to avoid troubles during your trekking experience.

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I have shared these five tips and tricks to enjoy your very first trekking experience. I leave the rest to you.

Don’t forget to share your trekking experience by posting a comment below. We are all ears!