Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Everyone


Diwali is a festival of twinkling and beautiful lights. Only lights? No, we wear different kinds of alluring dresses and bedeck ourselves with adorable necklaces. Wow! The thoughts about gifts take me to an entirely different world of amusement and beauty and excitement and what not! Since childhood, I used to love the gifts part of Diwali very much. Elders give lots of gifts to younger ones to bless them on this auspicious dazzling event. A state of complete bliss indeed! But, it’s my turn now to present others with gifts (after all I received dozens of them earlier). I put my thinking cap on to decide what types of gifts I should give to my relatives. Here I am with a list of excellent gift ideas for both men and women.

There are different kinds of gifts to give to your client, relatives, colleagues, and friends. Are you suffering from the same mental condition as me? Come-on! Let us discuss something about the best Diwali gift ideas to plunge the hearts of our loved ones in the ocean of happiness!

Diwali Gift Ideas for Men:

1. Bluetooth speaker:

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It will be an awesome idea to gift your man or your friend with one Bluetooth speaker. Never mind even if he already has one. He will never say NO to another set. In fact, a gadget is an ideal gift for men, which never goes astray.

2. Gym membership:

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Every man desires to look perfect with the muscle-packed body. Why don’t you just offer him a gym membership card instead of unexpected gifts to help him look more handsome? Every man wants to visit his nearest gym to trim himself down and get some good looks. But, bitterly fails due to many reasons. They give a lot of excuses to themselves and stay at home. Give him this Diwali gym membership which is going to make him real handsome and confident.

3. Tablet:

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Is your husband or your friend fond of reading novels? Jeffrey Archer, RK Narayan, Lee Harper, and other such great authors? Then a tablet is a perfect gift for him. It will not cost an arm and a leg because there are many tablets, which are available even for less than Rs. 5000.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Women:

What about women now that we have discussed gift ideas for men? Of course, how can I forget that? There are whimsical and fanciful gift ideas for them too. Women are crazy about sarees and jewels. But, is there something else that will make them stand on cloud nine? Let us wait and read.

1. Artifacts:

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Women play a great role as interior decorators of their homes. Gift your friend, or your wife some of the creative Italian artifacts such as attractive flower vase, teapot, etc. That would be great! Just perfect item for a woman to decorate her home-world.

2. Painted Coasters:

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Coasters that are painted with eye-catching colors would be a very nice thing to gift your lady love or your wife. You may also think of gifting glass diyas with God’s imprints on them.

3. God Idols:

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Gift your friend or relatives with God idols like Ganesa or Vishnu and help them feel very lucky this year. There are many incredible Ganesh idols beautifully carved and painted just to be given as gifts. Try to gift one idol to make your loved ones cheerful.

4. Assorted Chocolates:

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What is a festival without yummy and mouth-watering sweets? Diwali should be celebrated by lighting diyas, wearing new dresses, bursting crackers and eating a lot of sweets. So pick the best one from different varieties of sweet boxes. Assorted chocolates would be enough to bring a smile on the lips of your dear ones.

These are the various Diwali gift ideas from which you can choose the best one to gift your friend, relative, mom, dad or your spouse. Try these gifts on this Diwali! Don’t forget to pray for me while celebrating the Mega-event.


  1. I really like the God idol gift, I would love to have one. i like cultures and traditions, and to collect souvenirs from different countries.I would also say that you have a good style writing . can’t wait to see the next post good luck <3

  2. I love ideas for gifts is always hard to pick something. A tablet is a great idea. I have that to my dad for his birthday last year. And I bought a Bluetooth speaker for my father in law last year haha.

  3. I found some of them really interesting and cool, but I can´t afford all of them, haha xD I will think about it ! 🙂