Cup O joe, A cute little cafe which will win your heart

cup o joe



Cup O joe, A widely themed mélange of coffee, food, music, books and art, where food evokes delight. A great place for going solo or also to hang out with your group or friends and have a nice meal. It is an ideal location when you are feeling hungry but don’t want to spend a fortune. They have amazing combos that will end your hunger and not your money. Located among the hustle bustle of the koramangala area, this cafe often goes unnoticed to many.

They offer European, Mexican and Italian cuisines and are well-known for the wide variety of burgers and pasta.

Address of Cup O joe koramangala: 483, 1A Cross Road, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore


It was a pretty laid back and relaxing environment. There were board games available and a wide variety of novels available through a common wardrobe in the corner. The music here in Cup O joe koramangala gets you grooving. It has a typical cafe ambience and is very welcoming. The rooftop seems too enclosed and lacks that open roof feel. It is a good place even to go on a date with your loved ones. They have the option of candle night on Saturdays and Sundays. The second floor, which is the rooftop might be an ideal choice for those who might be planning to visit with their date during the evenings since the lighting and ambience here in Cup O joe koramangala get better as the day comes to an end.


The combo’s @Rs.129 and Rs.149 were delightful.

cup o joe koramangala

They contained pasta, burger, fresh juice, fries, garlic bread and salad dressing. The burger was tasty and garlic bread was crispy and tasted well. The pasta was tasty, but was a little less warm. However, it is a steal deal. We loved everything here in Cup O joe koramangala, they also have a choice of the pasta, you can choose to have a red or a white sauce pasta. The rest of the menu also looked promising.


cup o joe koramangala

The brownie with ice cream was something one will never forget. The brownie was soft and fresh with generous walnuts.


The service here could be faster, we waited for 15-20mins, but it was worth the wait. The staff is very friendly at this place and caters to all your needs.

Panda Recommends:

Grilled basal fish, Stuffed chicken breast, Spinach lime smoothie and the Combos are a must have here.

Value for money:

For everything over all, an 8/10; but the combo deserves a complete 10/10.It provides more value than the money spent.

Happiness Meter:

4/5 , and we will definitely go here again :). Panda came out with a smiling face.


Have you been to Cup O’ Joe? what do you think? Let us know in the comments.