Play With Your Story-telling Nails


Who doesn’t love nail arts? Nail-arts enhance the beauty of our hands. But have you ever thought about the story-telling nail-art? You leave house with an autumn nail art one day, a rainy nail art next day, gloomy sun nail-art or the night nail art at a night function. Isn’t that an interesting idea to play with your nails while sharing your story in a unique and attractive way? I am going to share some of the creative ideas for you to try out with your nails.

Fairy tale:

Image result for fairy tale nail-art

You must have been always a secret lover of the fantasy stories like Cinderella and Snow White. So obviously it’s wonderful to have that story expressed through your nail-art. A must try thing!

Going back to the Mesozoic era:

Image result for dinosaur nail art

You must have watched the top famous movie; Jurassic Park. So why not recreate that story on your nails. Do it girls!

Dragon and the warrior:

Image result for chinese dragon nail art

We all have read the stories of the princess being kidnapped by the dragon and the brave warrior saves the princess to escort her back to the majestic castle. Recreate it, NOW!

Something scary:

Fairytale Nail Art - Red Riding Hood by ZombieKittyNails

Have you ever thought about the scary-themed nail-arts? Go for this simple idea to scare your silly friends while enjoying the nail-art.

The mysterious crows:

Image result for zrows on leafless tree naila rt

Crows usually symbolize danger or bad luck. Create a magical as well as dangerous art on your nails this time. Here are the crows flying over a leafless tree. Strange but unique! Go for it.

A perfect windy day:

Image result for flying hair in wind nail art

When you think about the wind or breeze, what comes to your creative mind? Flying hair? Here you are!

Deliver a message story:

Image result for protect wildlife nail art

We all know it’s important to protect wildlife. You want to spread this message but in an exceptionally unique approach. Enjoy beauty while delivering the moral messages to your fellows.

One page, dozen stories:

Image result for book quotes nail art

What about sharing the various book trilogies on on your nails? Write dozens of your favorite book quotes or phrases on your nails and create a dramatic story line.

Night story:

Image result for night themed nail art

Moon and stars shining brightly on the blue sky make-up a beautiful yet peaceful scenery of the night. Create the beauty and scenic view of night on your nails.

Don’t keep on trying the same kind of old and boring nail-arts. Try something different and exclusive this time.