Wear Heels Without Pain


High heels, which girl doesn’t like them? They make you look stylish no matter which type of outfit you are wearing either ethnic or western. But it isn’t comfortable when you are in pain. You struggle hard to walk wearing those high pointed hurting heels. Here are some of the ways which help you lessen the pain and enjoy your heels.

Get a bandage:

Image result for BANDAGE ON feet due to heels

Wrap your toes, third and fourth toe finger in particular with bandage. It will lessen the pain as it will prevent strain on your nerves.

Gel deodorant:

Image result for gel deodorant on feet

Rub clear gel deodorant on your feet to avoid painful blisters.

Cold water and hand lotion:

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Run cold water through your feet. Then apply some hand lotion on your feet. Put on the heels when your feet are still damp.

Party liner:

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With the passage of time, sometimes your feet become slippery and sweaty. To avoid such situations, you can put on a party liner in each shoe. This will avoid sweat and prevent your feet from sliding down.

Tackle new heels:

Image result for hair dryer and socks on heels

Use hair dryer and socks to break in new heels. With socks on, point the dryer at the areas that cause you discomfort.

Thicker heels:

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The pointed heels cause problems while walking. If you are not used to high heels much, go for thicker heels instead.

Say no to thin soles:

Image result for heels with thick soles

Heels with thin soles will always give you a dreaded burning pain in the ball of your feet. Go for thicker sole, it will help you balance the pressure.

Peppermint reviving foot soak:

Image result for Peppermint reviving foot soak on heels

Try peppermint reviving foot soak or peppermint intensive foot rescue from the body shop. This will help you to prepare for wearing heels and help relax your feet when you take them off.

Choose the right heels:

Image result for square open heels

 If you feel that the pointed heel isn’t for you, go for the square, open or round toe heels. Be comfortable while wearing high heels.

Stop being uncomfortable and wear your favorite heels without a pain.  Try these steps and enjoy the stylish look. No pain this time.